Dear Santa: A nice stone patio dining set like this one would be fantastic — never again will our furniture fly away into the lake! Hint: In case you're wondering where to find this set ... we spotted this one online, all the way from Ireland at a place called McMonagle Stone. Hope your reindeer are up for some heavy lifting!

All wants for Christmas:
Stone furniture, hurricane shutters, spider spray ...

News Archive Dear Santa,  

We love living on Lake Erie in Leamington. But after a full year of waterfront living under our belts, there are a few things we could use that would make our time here even more fantastic:  


Hurricane shutters — the type that roll down over the windows like a garage door. This will save us from scraping mud and algae off our lakeside windows after another one of those famous Lake Erie wind storms, especially the gales of November and December.


Paper towels. Lots. In fact, 365 rolls, one for each day of the year, to help keep our windows clean when the hurricane shutters are not in use. We don’t want to miss a single moment of that beautiful lake view, not to mention those gorgeous sunsets! 


Patio furniture. But only if it’s made of concrete, Fred Flintstone-style. This will ensure nothing will blow off the deck and into the lake ever again. Concrete furniture will also allow us to enjoy more deck time, as we won’t have to run around tying everything down before we go in for the evening (Our new Adirondack tête-a-tête, along with our prized Weber charcoal barbecue, were smashed against the breakwall during one wind storm last summer. That’s when we bought all those ropes and cables).  


A year’s supply of spider spray, the kind with chrysanthemum in it (spiders hate chrysanthemums so much they get paralyzed upon contact and curl up and die trying to escape down their webs of steel). We don’t mind those cute little spiders, but those giant black lake spiders can sure spoil a party fast.  


A year’s supply of Bug and Tar Remover by Turtle Wax. So far, this is the only product we have found that will get those black bug stains off the siding after the spring/summer bug invasion. Even the power-washer won’t get that gook off!  


A new composite or premium resin deck to replace our large wooden deck that’s getting quite worn and warped from the sun and the waves and all that humidity.  


A warning device that will sound to let us know when a heron or snowy egret has landed on our breakwall in prime photo-taking position. This way, we’ll never miss a photo of our favourite birds! And living just down from Point Pelee National Park, there are many, many birds and waterfowl to enthrall and amuse us.


An annual pass to Point Pelee National Park, so we can continue to take all our new visitors to see “The Tip” — the most southern land point in mainland Canada — and climb the boardwalk tower for impressive marsh and lake views. Feel free to throw in a canoe ride or two. And an umbrella for those beach days.  


One month of snow, so we can enjoy the great outdoors in winter by cross-country skiing at Point Pelee National Park. We realize this is a tall order, as Leamington is located in balmy Essex County, where golfing year-round is not unheard of!  


Because winter will be over before we know it: a case or two of our favourite Essex County summer wines (hint: the cabernet franc rosé is Summer Sun from Erie Shore Vineyard, the pinot grigio is from Pelee Island Winery and the barrel-fermented Chardonnay is from Viewpointe Estate Winery) so we can continue to share our beautiful view with family and friends over a lovely glass of local wine.  

Yours truly,  
Linda and Gary

P.S. Merry Christmas! — December 2010