Frequently Asked Questions

Q I live in a waterfront community, but I don’t see it listed on your website. How can I get my community featured?

A Generally, to be featured, a waterfront community should have a defined waterfront and residential development near the waterfront, be it homes, condos or a cottage community. To date, our painstaking research has uncovered more than 100 communities that fit the criteria. Though we spent many months researching waterfront communities, we know that we probably missed some that should be featured. Please email us the details at and we will check into it.

Q I moved to a waterfront community two years ago and really enjoy the waterfront lifestyle. How can I let others know about my experience?

A We encourage you to tell your story. How did you find your new community? What do you like about it? Are there any services you think might be missing? The information you provide will be a perfect complement to our community profiles and prove invaluable in helping our readers decide where to move. If you have a story to tell, go to the main page of this website and click on the link to one of our Your Waterfront Story features. That will take you to a page with a highlight box with the details on how you can tell your own story.