Our Waterfront Story

Finding our waterfront paradise was quite the journey —
now we're aiming to make your search a whole lot easier!

MyNewWaterfrontHome.com was originally created by Linda Mondoux & Gary May. In Spring 2014 they passed the torch and the legacy continues under new ownership.

We hope you enjoy our website and will visit often. We work hard bringing you exclusive news and features about everything waterfront. We want all our community profiles to be up-to-date, so please let us know if something is new that we might have missed. You can email us any time at info@mynewwaterfronthome.com

Origins: Linda and Gary's story

MyNewWaterfrontHome.com was born from experience. It story started years ago, when we began searching for a waterfront property we could rent out until we retired from our jobs as newspaper editors in Ottawa.

We knew we wanted to live somewhere where the snow wasn’t quite piled so high each winter, and the growing season was a little longer than three months!

The search began in Brockville, then Gananoque, then Kingston. The closer we got to southern Ontario, the higher the prices seemed to go.  Waterfront property, we quickly discovered, might just have to remain a dream for us.

Then one day we stumbled upon the Town of Cobourg, just one hour east of Toronto. We had stopped for gas and a bite to eat before continuing on our journey home along Highway 401. As we pointed our car toward downtown, we could see blue water sparkling in the distance. We were surprised to discover that this small town (pop. 18,000) was home to a stunning harbour and beautiful beach right downtown.

To think how many times we had driven by the sign announcing Cobourg and were oblivious that new condo developments were transforming this historic community into an upscale marina lifestyle on Lake Ontario.

We stopped to admire a new low-rise condo building with magnificent views of the harbour and the lake beyond. We were pleased to see there were good restaurants in town, what appeared to be a vibrant arts community, a nice shopping mall — even a brand new hospital. We looked forward to downtown living, where we could walk everywhere.

We were hooked.

Many visits later, Cobourg just felt like home. So we walked into the sales office and ordered our condo off-plan.

It took about three years to build our dream home with water view. Of course, time has a way of changing things. During construction, we decided we couldn’t wait for retirement to live the waterfront lifestyle. So in one bold move, we sold our home, packed our bags and started a new life.

We loved Cobourg. Waterfront living was everything we had imagined. But this was not to be our final resting place.

Designed for our retirement, the condo we had so lovingly decorated just didn’t fit our new working lives. We soon found that we needed more space, with emphasis on affordable now that we were both self-employed. But we were spoiled. Only a water view would do! And so began a new search for that dream waterfront community we could call home.

It wasn’t easy.

Countless hours were spent on the Internet wading through MLS listings. We also wanted to know what was happening on the new development front, but even though we were both good researchers, finding out what was happening where, and whether there was water there, wasn't so easy.

Why was it so difficult to find waterfront communities with homes for sale? We resorted to poring over maps of Ontario and writing a list of all the communities that looked like a river, or a lake, ran through them. At least now we could narrow our search.

After about three months of searching, we got lucky. We found our new dream waterfront lifestyle in Leamington, Ont. Since our move, we find visitors always ask us the same question:  How did you ever find Leamington?

Since then, we have been lured away from the Lake Erie waterfront up the coastline to the Detroit River, where we have discovered a rare opportunity for the easy-living condo lifestyle in a spacious two-storey industrial loft in historic Walkerville, the Windsor neighbourhood founded by whisky baron Hiram Walker in 1858. Now, again everyone is asking, "How did you find such a great place?"

Like we said — we got lucky. But it was much more than that. It took many, many hours of research, dozens of emails of inquiry, lots of phone calls and many trips to Open Houses. It was hard work.

We don’t think finding a waterfront dream home should be that difficult.

We developed MyNewWaterfrontHome.com because we want others to find their own dream home in one of the fabulous waterfront communities we discovered during our many months of research. 

We wish all your waterfront dreams come true!

Linda Mondoux & Gary May

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